July 23, 2011

Download Anna Rose's Cover of Arcade Fire's 'My Body is a Cage'

As she works on the follow-up to her debut album, last year’s Nomad, singer/songwriter Anna Rose has recorded a striking, sensuous cover of Arcade Fire’s “My Body is a Cage,” which is currently available as a free MP3 download.

The way Arcade Fire plays it on Neon Bible, the song is fraught with manic, unnerving anguish; a nagging, clangorous thud incessantly ratcheting up the unease until an orchestral crescendo snuffs it out altogether.

Deconstructing it down to its rhythmic core, Anna Rose turns "My Body is a Cage" into something more carnal in comparison. The sonic chaos of the original is muted, yet its tension—like pent-up, erogenous longing—persists like a steady, pulsing ache for which there is no reprieve, much less a resolution.

In her live performances Anna Rose has covered tracks like “Jolene” (Dolly Parton) and “Manic Depression” (Jimi Hendrix), but “My Body is a Cage” is the first one of which she’s released a proper studio recording. It takes guts for an emerging artist to interpret a work by one of the most critically-acclaimed bands on the planet. And as with any cover, the minimum objective is to at least do it justice; this artist has not only succeeded in that but has put her own inspired stamp on the song as well.