May 27, 2009

Album Review: Mandy Moore - Amanda Leigh

Nearly two years since the release of Wild Hope, an inspired and impressive album that signaled a new beginning in her music career, Mandy Moore continues to progress as an artist, summoning a thoroughly engaging and precocious pop record with Amanda Leigh.

Impressionable melodies and layered harmonies abound, complementing an eclectic assortment of songs. Standouts include the lush serenity of “Merrimack River,” the offbeat whimsicality of “Pocket Philosopher,” and the utter irresistibility of “I Could Break Your Heart Any Day of the Week.”

Whereas Wild Hope represented Moore having found her own creative voice, Amanda Leigh
reveals her far more secure in expressing that voice. By enlivening compelling, often-quirky songs while exploring imaginative sounds and melodies, she has delivered her best album to date.