February 23, 2010

Anna Rose Is Vibrant In Debut Music Video

As the basic premise of MTV has dwindled over the past decade or so to become obsolete—a fate merely confirmed in the cable network's recent decision to drop its "Music Television" moniker—artists wishing to render their songs in a visual medium have increasingly turned to online alternatives such as YouTube and Vimeo to showcase their productions.

Since the release of an eponymous EP last fall, singer/songwriter Anna Rose has concentrated her efforts on completing Nomad, her full-length debut, which is set for release later this year. In addition to finishing up the LP, she made her first music video, for "Picture," a track that originally graced the EP and will also appear on her upcoming album.

Directed by Shruti Ganguly, the video finds Anna Rose in carnivalesque scenes on Coney Island's boardwalk, her impressionistic lyrics coming to life in strikingly vibrant ways. "I think it’s hard to emulate someone’s passion for the entire business of music and the process," Anna Rose told me in an interview last fall. "I think you can hear that in my music." And now with her video for "Picture," you can see that passion as well.